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Keltic supports science based management programs that protect the sustainability of our ocean resources.

We are dedicated to work with all stakeholders to be part of the solution that addresses eco-system concerns that will provide stable employment, a prosperous fishery, and coastal community vitality for generations to come

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Chain of custody from ocean to plate...

Our company supports sustainable fishing practices. Keltic Seafoods is Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) chain of custody certified, which means we are recognized by MSC as accountable for the accurate traceability of fish from catch to market. The MSC is recognized globally as having the highest standards promoting sustainable fishing. The MSC works with DFO, seafood companies, scientists, conservation groups, and the public by promoting the best environmental choice in seafood.

Keltic Seafoods Limited is committed to sustainability, and only participates in fisheries that are managed using a precautioary approach to ensure the long-term sustainability of wild and natural fish stocks. Doing so contributes to the economic stability of coastal communities.

Keltic sustainability and responsibility programs includes environmental concerns, packaging materials, consumer relations, employee management, and plant operation..

We are dedicated to affecting positive change for generations to come. We are a proud leader in the fish processing industry employing ethically sound science based methods that do not damage ocean or land ecosystems.

We are a totally green processing plant having rendering onsite facilities to assure containment of offal and fish byproduct. Nothing is discarded into ocean or land ecosystems. Keltic renders all bio mass to a European Union Certified food grade meal and oil.

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